Birth Centers Are A Safe Choice


The most significant decision that any pregnant woman has to make is where she would like to give birth. Birth centers are an incredibly safe, low-risk and empowering option available. Haven Birth Center was created to give you choices in your birth journey! Our center is warm and inviting without the clinical environment of a hospital.
Birth centers are regulated strictly for their safety, and studies have been released to show that in 15,000 women of varying backgrounds, 94% of them had a vaginal birth, with 84% of them being able to do so in a birth center. The surroundings in which a woman gives birth lead directly to whether she is stressed during labor. Care for women in labor is often debated, but the only person you need to worry about in labor is the mother and her wellbeing, not unnecessary interventions or standard general policies. The safer the mother feels, the more relaxed her birth becomes – with little to no stress during labor.
Women are often told that their labor needs to be managed, with a strap around the bump and constant monitoring. Research shows that a hands-off approach allows you to give birth in your own time. After all, giving birth is one of the most natural things your body can do.
Birth centers are a positive, safe and healthy option for low-risk women. Your birth will be in a relaxed setting with a midwife to help you through it, and the care that you receive is family-centered, from the moment you arrive. Safety measures in a birth center are a top priority and we have the capacity to serve your family’s need throughout your journey. Our midwives and staff are highly trained experts. Mother’s in Anchorage can feel confidently in our care.

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