Postpartum Care With Your Midwife


With so much preparation and excitement for the birth of your baby, it’s easy to forget about the postpartum recovery period. Pregnancy and childbirth is quite the transformation both physically and emotionally. In a typical hospital birth, most women receive just 48hrs of marginal Postpartum support and are sent on their way. As your midwives, we provide you with much more intimate and prolonged care after birth. We do a home visit at 24-36 hours. During this visit we will screen the baby for congenital heart defects, as well as a metabolic screening. After this visit we send all newborn exam records to your pediatrician of choice. This visit is also an examination of mom, including breastfeeding support, and continual monitoring of maternal emotional wellbeing.

We will also see mom and baby at home between days 3 and 5, and at the clinic at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks.

Receiving multiple visits after birth, our role as your midwives is to offer support and expertise as you adjust to life after birth. Monitoring your child’s first weeks of life outside the womb can be vital for preventing complications and making sure that mother and baby are thriving. We’re also here to provide breastfeeding support and guidance as we know this can be a sometimes stressful experience, and having an experienced and familiar professional to answer questions and provide insight can make the experience much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Our goal is to support you during the postpartum period emotionally as well. Our expertise in aiding both parents and siblings in stepping into their new lives with baby. After supporting you through pregnancy and childbirth we value the strong bond forms between us. Having someone who has been so intimately involved in these steps can give you the extra support needed to charge into your new life with full confidence!

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